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Now available in 13-16in size for $25.95!
*If your pup is under 4 lbs, please contact us to insure proper fit.










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Puppy Bumper Styles:



Muddy Paws -
It's time to play!



Pink Dot,
Navy Dot -
Maybe you need two?




Mint Chocolate Chip -




Skulls and Roses -
Puppies with an edge.


Chocolate Cherry -
A spoonful of sugar,

 with pink trim.



Black and White Checks -
Sharp and snappy styling!



Jolly Roger-
For the Pirate Pup!


Rainbow Paws -
So much fun!


Pink Stripe-


Blue Stripe -
For the manly pup.


Bugs and Hearts -
For your sweetie pup.



Winter Plaid -
Keeping pups Cozy and Safe!

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Made tough for active dogs!

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Not intended for use as a flotation device.

Puppy Bumpers, safe and stylish!